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Rohin Agrawal

A Student by profession, I, Crazy Folk, am a fun loving person and a foodie. I love travelling, adda, movies, books, sketching on paper & drawing.

Food being a passion, eating out is a part of my regular existence in Delhi NCR. The range of eateries I go to, vary from the tiny old shops of Chandni Chowk, old gurgaon & their relatively new avatars in New Gurgaon to Restaurant chains & Boutique restaurants in star hotels ……. anyone who offers great food.

When someone asks us ‘what is ur favorite cuisine’ or ‘what is ur favourite dish?’, we have no answer coz as long as the food is great, we r happy. We generally try to avoid eateries that are confused about their USP themselves & have signboards saying ‘Indian, Chinese, Mughlai’ – They seem to have separated Mughals from the rest of the Indians owing to the former’s Timurid origins (pun intended)!!!!

While I started with Delhi NCR & that continues to be the highest % of my reviews, there are many reviews of restaurants in other cities like Kolkata, Chennai, Indore, Bhopal, Khajuraho, & more are coming.

I am a food lover & not a Food Engineer (Chef). So all reviews are as a normal ‘good food’ loving person.


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