Berry Beet Smoothie

Berry Beat Smoothie

Drinking raw beets is the closest thing to a cocktail without the alcohol. It’s powerful, and no wonder. It’s not just an anti-oxidant; it’s a SUPER ANTI-OXIDANT.

This is made with RAW beets, which have more anti-oxidant power than cooked beets

If you’re thinking that you don’t like beets, you might just love this. The raw beets are earthy and sweet and the other fruits harmonize with and balance the beet taste. This is the best tasting red beet smoothie recipe. 

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Barbeque Nation-NSP, Pitampura, New Delhi

Click to add a blog post for Barbeque Nation on Zomato Ah ! What can I say ? An experience I would never forget.

The entire cuisine is a happy blend of American, Mediterranean, Oriental and Indian and is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices. Their unique ‘live-grill’ – embedded on the table was the center of attraction. I visited for the first time and a grill table seemed to be a very unique and great concept to me.

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Kesari (Saffron) Phirnee

A traditional Indian creamy dessert accentuated with a hint of saffron and served chilled in terracotta pots.


1. Milk – 800 mls
2. Sugar – 60 gms
3. Basmati Rice powder – 60 gms
4. Condensed Milk – 20 mls
5. Desi Ghee – 10 mls
6. Cardamom Green (Elaichi) powder – 1 gm
7. Saffron – 1 gm
8. Cashew Nuts – 3 gms
9. Pistachio Nuts – 3 gms

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Chocolate Orange Cookies


Hello Everyone
I made some chocolate orange cookies the other day, they are such a quick and simple recipe and taste amazing! I love home baking and these were such a good rainy day treat. Why don’t you give the recipe a try!!
The recipe is as follows:
125g melted chocolate
150g plain flour
30g Cocoa
1 tsp of Bi Carbonate of Soda
1/2 tap salt
125g softened butter
75g light brown sugar
50g caster sugar
zest of one orange and juice of half an orange
1 egg
chocolate chipsyou cream the butter and sugar then add the wet ingredients including the zest. then you add the flour and dry ingredients.
spoon the mixture in blobs onto a baking tray and bake for 15-18 minutes on 170C/gas mark 3
I hope you enjoyed the cookies as much as my family did.
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My Treat Day! 


Sunday is my treat day! It’s when I have time to relax and actually cook! Today a omelette entire egg not egg white with sharp cheddar and a great chocolate crossiant that my sweet man bought me Friday that I never ate! Coffee a must! Never deprive yourself it’s all in moderation!

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